Saturday, February 23, 2008

"She looks just like her mama!"

I never thought I'd here anybody tell me that Amanda looked just like me, but yesterday I did. A sweet little girl about five years old sat down next to me and Amanda and said, "She looks just like her mama!" She went on to say that Amanda's eyes, hair, mouth, cute little nose, sweet little ears and funny little eyebrows were just like mine. Lord, let us all see through Hope's eyes.
We are constantly amazed by Amanda's muscle coordination. It is so cute when she balances on her little toes like this.
We are babysitting Gracie this week. She is an Irish Terrier who is full of life. Amanda enjoys when we have dogs visiting and she crawls over to let them lick her hands. She also enjoys playing in the water when I wash her hands afterwards.

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Michelle said...

Just wait until she starts picking up on your mannerisms. Friends have commented on how Abby acts just like me...I love it!