Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Feet and Grabby Hands

This is Amanda grabbing for the camera. She lunges, reaches and grabs for everybody and everything that comes nearby. Her closet brings special joy because she loves to grab the pretty clothes that hang within reach. At bedtime, she was always twisting and reaching while I was trying to put a fresh diaper on her. It turned out she was just trying to help me wrap her up for bed. Now, I give her a blanket to pull up to her face, so I can get the diaper secured.
The Happy Feet come while she's nursing. She is usually kicking her feet and rubbing them on the side of the nursing chair. She seems to want to be in constant motion. It might be my fault because when I was teaching her to nurse, I would jiggle her feet to keep her awake for the full feeding. Oh, well it's cute and sweet and I don't want to forget it once she outgrows it.

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