Saturday, February 23, 2008

"She looks just like her mama!"

I never thought I'd here anybody tell me that Amanda looked just like me, but yesterday I did. A sweet little girl about five years old sat down next to me and Amanda and said, "She looks just like her mama!" She went on to say that Amanda's eyes, hair, mouth, cute little nose, sweet little ears and funny little eyebrows were just like mine. Lord, let us all see through Hope's eyes.
We are constantly amazed by Amanda's muscle coordination. It is so cute when she balances on her little toes like this.
We are babysitting Gracie this week. She is an Irish Terrier who is full of life. Amanda enjoys when we have dogs visiting and she crawls over to let them lick her hands. She also enjoys playing in the water when I wash her hands afterwards.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jobs for A Six Month Old

Turn on and off lights.

Close cabinet doors.

Closing washer and dryer doors.

Holding vacuum cord up off the floor.

Sit in basket and catch clothes from dryer.

Collect empty hangers from closets.

Pull clothes out of the basket for mom to fold.
Help carry clothes to be put away.

Put away toilet paper.
Dry the floor after mom washes.

Help brush the kitty.

And anything else I can think of to have Amanda involved with all my activities around the house.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Bootcamp

Enjoy Amanda's funny exercise video. She is so active and funny. Last night at Homeschool Gym, she was watching everyone jump rope while jumping up and down on Mike's lap. My favorite moment happened later. She had been hanging out with some of the older girls and when she saw me, she smiled and flapped her arms enthusiastically. She was so excited to see her mama.

Here's Amanda chasing the kitty. She crawls the fastest when she's after the cat.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Six Months Old

Amanda is looking adorable in her baby gifts. The hat is from Cousin Elisa, the outfit is from the local eye doctor, and the boots boots are from a local contractor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weight Check

The boys' snowtube is a great place for Amanda to practice sitting up. Not matter which way she tips, there's soft landing.

Amanda is 14 lbs. 3 oz today at almost six months. She's been gaining about a pound a month. She only measured 24 1/2 inches, so either she hasn't grown much taller or there's some inconsistency in measuring techniques. She's taking about six feedings a day of 4 1/2 oz. She sleeps from around 8-9 pm to 7-8 am. When she's tired she will lean her head on the floor, her toys basket or us. She does okay with skipping a nap occasionally, like for church or home school gym. Then I feed her when we get home and she goes right to sleep. Otherwise she is back in bed within a hour and a half of waking.

She's been having some issues with diaper rash after using disposables so we've started using the cloth when we go out, too. She has stayed dry and I've taken her to the potty at church and gym. Unfortunately, she has also dirtied her diaper upon waking. She is often very quiet and doesn't let us know she's awake. It's a problem that started at Christmastime when we traveled. I try to catch it and have her go in the toilet, but it's been challenging.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Scroll down to find "Capturing the Moment". Then click on Amanda's picture to display a larger version of the picture. Finally, look at Amanda's right eye. What is she looking at? The first person with the right answer gets a prize!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Feet and Grabby Hands

This is Amanda grabbing for the camera. She lunges, reaches and grabs for everybody and everything that comes nearby. Her closet brings special joy because she loves to grab the pretty clothes that hang within reach. At bedtime, she was always twisting and reaching while I was trying to put a fresh diaper on her. It turned out she was just trying to help me wrap her up for bed. Now, I give her a blanket to pull up to her face, so I can get the diaper secured.
The Happy Feet come while she's nursing. She is usually kicking her feet and rubbing them on the side of the nursing chair. She seems to want to be in constant motion. It might be my fault because when I was teaching her to nurse, I would jiggle her feet to keep her awake for the full feeding. Oh, well it's cute and sweet and I don't want to forget it once she outgrows it.