Friday, January 11, 2008

Amanda's crawling!

Miss Amanda-Bear is mobile! She tucks her legs up under her belly and lurches forward. We first witnessed the event after New Year's. We have often found her scooted forward in her crib after she'd been crying but now she purposefully scoots to reach a new toy.
These pictures were from the sixth. She doesn't tuck her head down anymore, but I haven't gotten new pictures yet. On January 4th, she was 13 lbs. 5 oz. and 61 cm. I'm not sure why they switched to centimeters but I didn't catch that until we got home. That's a little more that 24 iches.

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the geislers said...

Thanks for the potty training encouragement :). I wondered what "ec-ing" was, so I clicked on your name and was surprised to find a very interesting and adorable blog! I read the whole thing in about fifteen minutes, so I feel all caught up on your lives, even though I've only met you once :). Your little girl is growing so much and it looks like you're treasuring every minute! I also loved hearing Joshua tell the Christmas! Thanks for sharing your joys!