Saturday, October 27, 2007

You're my Mommy

As an adoptive mother, I find myself wondering if Amanda loves me as much as I love her. Am I special to her or could anybody meet her needs? She always begins smacking her lips when she hears my voice and is hungry, and she smiles more easily for Mike and I but there have been two other moments of note where Amanda has said, "You're my mommy!"

The first week we were home we had lots of visitors and she was held by many friends and family. On Saturday, she became fussy and no one else could calm her down. The moment I wrapped her up next to me, she relaxed and fell asleep. Then just yesterday, after a long day in the car, Amanda became inconsolable in her seat. I knew she was hungry and tired but she wouldn't take the bottle. Finally, we pulled over, I filled the supplementer, and took her out to nurse her. She nursed right away and fell asleep so we could make it the last half hour home. I'm so thankful she's bonding with us! Mike loves when he gets to wake her up for her feedings. She's so warm, snugly and calm, until she sees or hears me, of course.

This was a gift from Katie's aunt, by marriage, from Peru. My mom just loves this toy and says it will be very valuable during teething. This was the longest she held on to a toy and tried to get it to her mouth.

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