Monday, October 1, 2007

Waiting In Texas

After placement, we went back to our hotel in Abilene. The first night went wonderful and the next day we drove back to Dallas to stay at my cousin Ben's house.

Ben left on Saturday to go up to Minnesota for his sister's wedding and we settled in for a long wait. We were told it would be one to two weeks before we could leave. Mike was initially going to leave on Tuesday but the reality of having a baby was sinking in and leaving me alone to care for the baby, pack, drive through Dallas and catch a flight seemed very unwise. So, he changed his travel plans.
It was wonderful to spend time just hanging out together. We would just stare at Amanda, take naps with her, feed her change her and stare at her some more.
We also spent time domesticating Ben's house. He had just moved in and didn't have any household supplies or utensils. We were so thankful for his generosity. It was good to be in a house instead of a hotel.
We went out occasionally, but it was very hot. Especially for us northerners who left cool fall weather in MN.
Finally on Friday, September 7th, when Amanda was one month old, we received word that we could go home. We scheduled our flights for Monday and relished the lasted of our baby "honeymoon".

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