Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maya Wrap

We received this Maya Wrap in the mail yesterday from Elisa. It is so beautiful and we are so thrilled to have a ring sling! I've already found it makes nursing easier and the long tail is great for keeping me covered up. Amanda tucking in it right now as I'm typing.

In other news, Amanda's still on great schedule. She woke up around 1 am last night but I just checked her diaper and left her in bed. She fell back asleep until 6 am.
We're nursing great with the supplementor but I'm on my last few days of stored breastmilk. She's only getting about 2-4 oz of fresh milk from me per day, so we'll be buying formula this weekend. I pray my supply continues to increase, but using formula makes for easier traveling. We're celebrating by traveling to Cokato on Sunday.
I'm still taking Amanda to the toilet through out the day. She goes #1 often in the toilet and in her diapers, but she can go for days without going #2. Sometimes it's so long between times I wonder if I'll recognize the cues. We still have had only two dirty diapers in 3 weeks, the rest land in the pot. I wonder how things will change when she's taking more formula


TulipGirl said...

For what it's worth. . . I had trouble keeping my supply up when using Babywise/PDF -- and that was even without trying to stimulate lactation with an adopted baby. I found that an eat-wake-eat-sleep schedule worked better for keeping milk supply up, as well as ensuring I had at least one good nursing session at night. (Usually at 10 or 11 pm, right before I went to bed.) Hope this helps!

Mike and Katie said...

We nursed more frequently during the first three weeks after her placement but her suckling wasn't effective in increasing my supply. I need to pump before or after her feedings in order to effectively empty my breasts which is what stimulates more milk.
I'm also taking fenugreek, blessed thistle and red raspberry along with multivitamins and essential fatty acids. PDF gives me plenty of time for eating, drinking and sleeping which are also essential for milk production.