Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy Week

It's been a very busy week. On Sunday we drove to Cokato and visited our old church, had lunch with a friend, and visit the home fellowship that our homeschool friends began. We dropped the boys off with their good friends before all the visiting. We thought we'd spare them from all the cheek pinching and fussing over the new baby.

Everyone was so thrilled to see Amanda and they kept asking if we had moved back. At the home fellowship there was a little girl who was adopted from India. She was so thrilled to see some one with the same color hair as hers. She kept telling everyone, "She has the same hair as me!" There are so many blond Finlanders in that area, so she probably doesn't see much dark hair.

After Cokato, we drove to the Cities to see Elisa and the family. After getting home, my mom called to say that my great uncle had died and the funeral was on Friday. So, tomorrow Amanda and I will be traveling back to the Cities with my mom and grandmother.

Amanda traveled well, but it's been a tough week. Sunday was the last day of stored breastmilk and she seems to be having a little difficulty with the change to more formula. The doctor said that it was to be expected. Yesterday we had our first visit from our social worker and a doctor visit. She's 10 lbs 10 oz and 22 inches long. The doctor says that she looks very healthy.

Praise God!

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Michelle said...

I think I might know that little girl from India :-) She is still talking about that cute baby we saw! We are glad you came to show her off. She's a doll and such a blessing.