Saturday, October 13, 2007

Baby Shower and Mom's Day Out

Yesterday the ladies from church threw us a baby shower. Amanda received some very cute outfits! We are so grateful to our church family as they share our joy. Amanda was just perfect. She slept while everyone passed her around, woke when it was time for her feeding, and then fell back asleep. The ladies really enjoyed her.

We came home and she slept in her carseat until her late night feeding. We've been feeding her right before Mike's ready to go to bed at 10:30-11 pm. I can't sleep until he comes to bed anyway, so there's no sense in going to sleep with him and waking back up in an hour or so. He gets to give her that last feeding. She still stays in bed until 6:30-7 am when he's ready to leave for work. Sometimes she wakes up earlier but we don't go get her and she always falls back asleep. That's working out for us and Mike gets his time with her, too. He's just giddy in the morning when he gets her out of bed.

Today, I went to town by myself to do the shopping. I had a couple of gift cards to use and Amanda still needed 0-3 months size Sunday clothes. We have a bunch of infant gowns that we use during the week. They work the best for toileting and diapering, but when we go out I figure she should be dressed pretty. My mom said she was glad I had dressed her up for church because there are so many cute clothes. She said people are disappointed if you just have her in pajamas. My mom's not a real fashion guru so the comment carries quite a bit of weight.

This was the first time I actually looked through the baby girls' clothing since Amanda came into our lives. There sure is a lot of cute stuff!

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