Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Adoption Journey

Our journey to adoption began over eight years ago when we felt called to add more children to our family. We had two boys aged four and two. We were told it was expensive and a long wait. So, we waited, prayed, and saved. Finally last fall we were ready to pursue adoption. We completed our home study by the end of December and we were placed in "The Book" in mid January. "The Book" is a binder full of potential adoptive families that birth mothers look through to make their choice.

We chose domestic infant adoption because we thought it would be less expensive and it wouldn't require much travel and time away from our boys. We wanted an infant because I really needed some baby-snuggling-bonding time. I also hoped to nurse our baby and knew a younger child would more likely to nurse.

Throughout the next eight months we had several potential situations. It was always a roller coaster of emotions and we were always disappointed when the opportunity passed. But had faith and could see God's hand at work. At the end of July when we were asked to send our profile to Texas we were hopeful, but guarded. We were concerned about the costs and we prayed earnestly for guidance. When we still hadn't heard anything after two or three weeks, we began to think this was another missed opportunity.

Then, on August 15th, we were told that we had been chosen for a baby in Texas. The baby was already born and it was a girl. However, the birth mom had not yet signed the papers and they would let us know by Thursday. I cleaned, cooked, packed and organized. I search flights, hotels and maps of Abilene. I hardly slept. Thursday and Friday came and went and we still had no idea what was going on. Finally, on Tuesday we learned that the papers had been signed and they would call us the following Monday with the baby's health and social history. We couldn't understand why we had to wait. On Tuesday, August 28, we had the long awaited conference call with the agency in Abilene. They said we could book our flight and meet our baby on Thursday, August 30th.

We began frantically organizing the details and we hardly slept. We were nervous and excited. We could hardly believe all of our waiting was about to come to an end. In a very short time we would be holding our new baby!

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